Finding the Right Humidity Level for Your Home

Posted on September 15th, 2019 by Bill Stuhr

It’s no secret that the humidity levels in the Midwest can be very high during the dog days of summer. But the moment you step inside, you want to feel relief! Make sure that your home’s humidity is as comfortable as possible. Your HVAC near Palatine can only do so much; it takes other tactics to help achieve the proper humidity level in your home. Take advantage of these tips from our professionals at Five Star Heating & Air, Inc.

How High Humidity Impacts Your Home

You may not have given much thought to your home’s humidity before, but if your home’s level is too high, it can cause damage. Too much moisture can promote mold, mildew, fungi or bacteria growth throughout your home. Asthma sufferers will likely experience flare-ups as well thanks to higher humidity levels. Not to mention the constant feeling of being sticky or muggy when humidity levels are high.

On the Other Hand, Low Humidity Isn’t Ideal, Either

Air that is too dry isn’t good, either. It can also add to asthma and allergy symptoms, in addition to the fact that cold and flu viruses can spread more rapidly. You may notice that you always feel cold when the humidity levels are low. Finally, low humidity can cause damage to your home because building materials have the moisture sucked out of them.

How Our Team Can Help

Not only can we service your HVAC near Palatine, but we can help you achieve the perfect humidity level in your home. We offer both humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help you achieve the perfect level in your home.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Five Star Heating & Air, Inc. to see how our team can help make your home comfortable.

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