Expert Heating Services in Palatine

The last thing you want during an Illinois winter is a furnace that’s not keeping you warm and comfortable. And for the best in furnace service in Palatine – maintenance, repair, or installation – Five Star Heating & Air is the name to remember.

When you call on us for any kind of furnace service, you can be assured our technicians will never provide an incomplete “band-aid” fix. Instead, they’ll carefully evaluate your particular situation and offer the reliable heating options they believe will best meet your needs.

Avoid Furnace Problems with Preventive Maintenance

Along with other specialists in the HVAC field, we strongly recommend that you have a furnace specialist tune up and maintain your heating system every year before winter arrives in full force.

An annual checkup and regular maintenance will improve the efficiency of your system, saving you money on utility bills, while making sure your furnace is operating both safely and efficiently.

We provide maintenance tune-ups for all makes and models of furnaces. During your heating check, our technician will thoroughly examine your furnace, tighten gas and electrical connections, check for any damage to your system, clean all its components, and make preventive maintenance recommendations, if needed.

And to keep your home comfortable the year around, at Five Star we also offer several different preventive maintenance plans.

Furnace Repair in Palatine and Surrounding Communities

In many cases, with proper maintenance and repair services, you can extend the life of your furnace, possibly getting 15 to 20 years of service out of it. This is especially true if problems are caught early. It is far better to find and repair minor issues now before they soon become major problems and major expenses.

All our technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, as well as thoroughly trained to use today’s most advanced technology to repair both gas and electric furnaces. Our technicians are trained to carefully examine all areas of your heating system to locate the source of any problems.

At Five Star Heating & Air, we believe in complete transparency with our customers, and we will always discuss the expected costs of any repair before we start work to correct the problem. With Five Star Heating & Air, you’ll never have hidden costs and surprise charges.

Furnace Installation in Palatine

In all probability, you have either a gas or electric furnace system. Properly maintained, a gas furnace should last 15-20 years, while a well-maintained electric furnace may last 20-30 years.

However, if your furnace is nearing the upper end of its age range and if you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it may be time for a new furnace.

  • The furnace is making loud noises.
  • You’re experiencing sudden temperature changes in your home or inconsistent heating from room to room.
  • Soot is collecting near the furnace registers.
  • Your utility bills keep increasing.

For good measure, repair bills are also going up, along with the utility charges.
If you’re experiencing these issues or some combination of them, it could be time to consider a new furnace installed by the heating experts at Five Star Heating & Air.

At Five Star Heating & Air, we are authorized distributors and installers of both TRANE and Mitsubishi HVAC systems, including heat pumps, and if replacement seems the better option, rather than another service call and repair bill, our heating experts will work with you to find the system that best meets your needs without crippling your family budget.

We never want dollars to stand in the way of your comfort and safety so at Five Star, through our connection with Wells Fargo, we offer convenient finance options to those with approved credit.

Your Trusted Partner for Home Comfort in the Palatine Area for Decades

For over 40 years, Five Star Heating & Air has served Palatine and surrounding communities with high-quality heating and air conditioning services. So, please call us at Five Star and allow us to maintain, repair, or replace your current furnace system.