How Mold Affects Your Home & Health

Posted on August 15th, 2019 by Bill Stuhr

Your home should always be a safe space for you and your family, but unfortunately, the development of mold can cause more damage than you may think. While mold is traditionally found outside, it can also be found inside your home as it enters through doorways, windows, vents, and your HVAC system. As providers of heating and cooling near Palatine, our team at Five Star Heating & Air has seen firsthand the effects that mold can have on both your home as well as your health.

Your Home

Mold is most likely to grow in areas of your home that produce a lot of moisture. For example, if you have a small leak in your roof, this is an opportunity for mold to grow. Mold may also grow on paper products, ceiling tiles, wood products or on cardboard. It is also possible for mold to grow in subtle places such as carpet, fabric, drywall, wallpaper, insulation and paints.

Your Health

Mold exposure can cause a variety of health effects, although some people are more impacted by mold exposure than others. Those affected may feel nasal stuffiness, coughing, eye irritation, and even skin irritation. Those who have pre-existing chronic lung illnesses may be more impacted by mold exposure.

How Our Team Can Help

Not only do we provide heating and cooling services near Palatine, but we can also help control mold growth within your home. We can help control humidity levels to reduce the chance of mold development. We can also ensure that your home is properly ventilated and that there are no leaks that may cause mold to develop. Contact our team today if you want to get a mold inspection for your home!

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