Too Hot to Sleep? How to Make Your Bedroom Cooler

Posted on June 7th, 2021 by Bill Stuhr

Getting a good night’s rest in the heat of summer can be a struggle. To do so, your body temperature needs to drop by 1-2 degrees. So you crank up the AC when trying to stay cool. But doing so with a basic air conditioner is rarely energy efficient. And your electric bill makes that painfully clear at the end of the month.

Thankfully, modern air conditioners and accessories make it easy to efficiently cool your home. With some systems, you can even control the temperature in different areas of your house independently of one another. So you won’t have to waste energy (and money) cooling the first floor just to feel cooler in your upstairs bedroom.

Keep reading to learn about three modern air conditioning innovations that will help you keep cold air where you need it without running up your utility bills.

Ecobee Smart Thermostats

Installing a smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system. Plus, they provide you with far more control than a typical thermostat.

One of the best features of the Ecobee smart thermostat is its ability to sense temperatures in different areas of your house and respond accordingly. Most air conditioners rely on a single temperature sensor to dictate their output.

But with the Ecobee, you can instruct your AC to respond to temperatures on the first floor during the day, then shift its focus to the upstairs bedrooms at night. This little change can make a world of difference, especially when you remember that heat rises. Without an Ecobee, your AC might keep the first floor’s climate perfect while higher floors are filled with warm air.

Plus, the Ecobee smart thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature in your home far more easily than traditional thermostats. You can do so from their mobile app from anywhere with an internet connection. And you can pair the Ecobee with Amazon’s Alexa so that you can raise and lower the temp in your home with voice commands!

Continuous Fans on Variable Speed Furnaces

While it might seem counterintuitive to look to your furnace when trying to stay cool, several Trane models let you do just that. Their variable speed furnaces include fans that improve airflow throughout your house. And by running the fan continuously, they’re able to keep temperatures consistent throughout your home.

So even if you don’t have a smart thermostat to sense temperatures upstairs, you won’t have to worry about hot air rising and displacing the cool air in your bedroom. And unlike portable or ceiling fans, the continuous fans on Trane’s variable speed furnaces are connected to the ducts on your HVAC system. This allows them to circulate air throughout your entire home as opposed to a single room.

Mitsubishi Ductless Systems

If you’re looking for the most efficient way to make your bedroom cooler, look no further than Mitsubishi ductless mini-split systems. These HVAC systems serve as both heating and cooling systems, providing year-round comfort. Plus, they use as much as 30% less energy than traditional HVAC systems.

But climate zones are what make Mitsubishi ductless systems perfect for nights when it’s too hot to sleep. Rather than relying on a single central air conditioning unit to cool your entire home, these ductless systems feature several indoor units. Each of the indoor units can be controlled individually. That means you can set your bedroom to a perfect temperature for sleep without spending the money to cool your whole house.

Even if different members of your family prefer different temperatures, Mitsubishi ductless systems will keep everyone happy. By installing multiple indoor units throughout the house, you can control the climate in every room independently. In fact, these systems are precisely what hotels use to provide each guest with their own climate controls.

Sleep Easy Even in the Peak of Summer

These three different technologies all offer efficient ways to cool off when it’s too hot to sleep. Rather than sleeping in front of a fan and hoping that will suffice, consider upgrading your HVAC system. Doing so should even save you money every month off your energy bill.

If you need help making your bedroom cooler, Five Star Heating & Air Conditioning is the premier cooling company in Palatine. We help clients throughout the northwest suburbs of Chicago improve their comfort every day. Give us a call today at 847-359-4534 so we can help you do the same!

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