Why Do I Need Regular HVAC Maintenance?

Posted on March 3rd, 2020 by Bill Stuhr

If you could improve the air quality and safety in your home while saving money and helping the environment, would you make the relatively small investment to do so? These are just a few of the benefits of investing in preventative maintenance for your HVAC systems. Here’s a closer look at why preventative maintenance is a great investment, from your heating company in Palatine.

Save Money

Investing in regular, preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems can prevent costly breakdowns, reduce your energy bills, and ultimately extend the life of your system. Regular maintenance with your heating company in Palatine is said to reduce the risk of costly breakdowns by as much as 95%, and also helps ensure your heating and cooling systems are running at their peak efficiency. When your systems are running as efficiently as they can, you ultimately save on your energy bill.

Improve Air Quality in Your Home

Though many of us are not aware of it from day to day, we breathe in a variety of substances we would probably prefer not to breathe. For example, we breathe in ordinary household dust, pet dander, dust mites, pollen, mold, and cigarette smoke in some cases. Preventative maintenance helps ensure that the vents in your home are circulating the cleanest, best filtered air as possible.

Protect Your Home

If you’re away from home, whether it’s for the weekend or for a week-long vacation, and your heat stops working during the brutal Chicago winters, you could have some issues. Your pipes could burst, causing water damage, and a downward spiral of costly repairs. In addition to accidents, preventative HVAC maintenance can help safeguard your family against the risk of carbon monoxide, which can occur when you have a cracked or leaky heat exchanger.

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