Top Quality Air Conditioning Maintenance in Carpentersville

As summer draws near, we will soon rely on our air conditioning systems to maintain a cool and comfortable environment in our homes for the upcoming months. In fact, a typical household’s central AC unit operates for an average of more than 3,000 hours annually. To provide some context, this is comparable to driving your car for over 200,000 miles each year.

Maintaining your car is essential to ensure its efficient operation, yet surprisingly, many individuals neglect the maintenance of their AC system for years, leading to costly repairs or replacements in the long run. However, you can prevent such expenses by regularly tuning up and maintaining your AC system.

When it comes to AC maintenance service, the cooling specialists at Five Star Heating & Air, with over 40 years of experience in the cooling and heating industry, are unmatched in our expertise and quality of service.

Benefits of an Air Conditioning Tune-up in Carpentersville, IL and Surrounding Areas

Here are several ways you can benefit from regular maintenance of your AC system.

Extended Life Span

By keeping your system aligned with the manufacturer’s specifications, you reduce the amount of time and effort required by your unit to keep your home or business cool and comfortable. When your AC doesn’t have to operate at maximum capacity, it not only has a longer lifespan but that also helps you save money by minimizing repair and replacement expenses costs.

Properly maintained, your AC system should give you 10 to 15 years of faithful service.

Lower Utility Bills

When your system is not running full-throttle around to clock to keep you cool, you’re going to pay far fewer of your hard-earned dollars to the local utility company.

Finding Small Problems and Saving Money

While tuning your AC system, our technicians can locate small problems and fix them before they become a major problem and expense.

Five Star’s AC Service in Carpentersville, IL

Our expert technicians can service all makes and models of AC systems, not just those we install, and during a maintenance call, we’ll do all the following to keep your AC in tip-top shape throughout the summer.

  • Check the inside cooling coil
  • Test all drain lines
  • Inspect the condensate pan
  • Check and clean the condenser coil
  • Check the refrigerant level
  • Check and adjust blower components
  • Monitor the AC cycle
  • As needed, lubricate moving parts
  • Tighten any loose electrical connections
  • Monitor the amperage and voltage draw on all motors

Need Air Conditioner Service in Carpentersville, IL? Call Five Star Heating & Air

When you need AC service in Carpentersville and surrounding communities, the only name you need to remember is Five Star Heating & Air. With decades of experience in the HVAC industry, whether you need routine maintenance or AC repairs, our expert technicians will keep your system running smoothly all summer long.

For cooling and heating maintenance and repair services in Carpentersville that are second to none, call Five Star Heating & Air today!