Air Conditioning Repair in Carpentersville, IL

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Summer is here, and unfortunately, it looks like this summer is going to be one of the hottest on record. As daytime temperatures start climbing, your air conditioning unit quickly becomes possibly the most important system in your home. And we all know that if it’s not working properly and not keeping your home cool and comfortable, summer fun quickly becomes summer sweat and misery.

Fortunately, if your AC fails you, expert help is just a phone call away. For over 40 years, the technicians from Five Star Heating & Air have been servicing AC units throughout the Carpentersville area, and we’re ready to provide help any time you need AC repairs.

Signs of an AC Problem

As temperatures climb, you want to keep a close eye on your AC system to make sure it’s operating normally, and here are some telltale signs to watch for indicating potential trouble. If you notice any of these issues, you probably have an AC problem, and you need to give us a call a Five Star Heating & Air.

  • The air conditioner isn’t turning on.
  • Your AC is turning on but it’s circulating warm air, not cold air.
  • Water is leaking from your system.
  • You’re hearing loud banging, grinding, or whistling noises.
  • Your AC doesn’t turn off or it frequently cycles on and off.
  • Your AC is running but the indoor humidity is high and uncomfortable.

Our AC Repair Services in Carpentersville

If you notice any of these issues, you need to contact the experienced professionals at Five Star Heating & Air for assistance. Our cooling technicians will respond promptly to your call, and once on site, they’ll use the best tools and industry techniques to repair your unit quickly and efficiently.

We’re distributors and installers of TRANE and Mitsubishi air conditioning systems, but our technicians have the training and the years of experience to service all makes, models, and types of AC units and not just the ones we install.

Emergency Services, 24/7

We’ve provided heating and cooling services long enough to know that HVAC emergencies don’t always occur during regular 9:00 to 5:00 business hours. If fact, they rarely do!

We also know how miserable it can be if your AC dies on you at the height of summer, a source of misery that can quickly become a serious health hazard if any family member suffers from respiratory issues.

Knowing all that, our expert technicians are on call 24/7 to provide the highest level of AC repair services available anywhere in the Carpentersville area.

No matter the hour of the day or night, no matter the day of the week – including weekends and holidays – when you need AC repair services, the cooling specialists from Five Star Heating & Air are ready to assist you.

AC Maintenance Service

Properly maintained, your AC system should last a good 10-15 years, and to prolong its life and get the best return on your original investment, we strongly recommend that you have your system serviced every year before summer arrives in full force.

When you schedule a maintenance call with Five Star Heating & Air, our technicians will examine all the major components of your system to make sure everything is operating properly, and they’ll also recommend and explain any minor repairs that may be needed.

It’s our feeling that it’s much better to address minor issues immediately before they become more serious and more expensive problems in the near future.

When You Need the Best Air Conditioning Service, Call Five Star Heating & Air

As we’ve said, we’ve provided AC service in the Carpentersville area for over 40 years, and absolutely no one is committed to providing higher quality customer service for you than we are. At Five Star Heating & Air, we always strive to be the best in the business with our focus on exceptional craftsmanship, upfront pricing, great service, and customer satisfaction.

As we like to say, we’re the company your neighbors trust!

At the first sign of an AC problem, don’t hesitate and run the risk of a complete system failure. Call Five Star Heating & Air for air conditioning service, no matter the hour or the day, and enjoy great indoor air quality and cool comfort all summer long!