Breathe Easier: Tips For Unhealthy Air Quality In Chicago

Posted on August 20th, 2021 by Bill Stuhr

Hot, heavy and humid. These are just a few terms many Chicagoans might use to describe what the weather has been like lately. While this seems normal for summer weather in the Upper Midwest, that isn’t quite the case.

Smoke from the wildfires burning across the pacific northwest have contributed to the increased heat, humidity and unhealthy air quality levels for many cities across the Midwest and East Coast. In short, what this means is that ozone levels are higher and could affect individuals facing respiratory problems.

Tips For Unhealthy Air Quality In Chicago

Even if you do not face breathing challenges from asthma or other related lung conditions, the American Lung Association recommends that all individuals limit their exposure to high levels of air pollution as much as possible.

While we wait for air quality levels to improve, here are a few tips to help you and your family stay safe, healthy and reduce pollution levels:

  1. Avoid Exercising Outdoors – Even if you don’t face breathing problems, exercising in these heavy conditions can quickly cause your body temperature to skyrocket. This can make catching your breath during a cool down even more challenging. Parents should also think twice about letting their children play outside, especially during the afternoon and evening hours when ozone levels are at their highest. If possible find an indoor activity or facility where you can stay cool and get some exercise, like the mall or gym.
  2. Use Public Transportation When You Can – Air quality levels tend to be the lowest in the morning before everyone makes their commute into work. Heavy car use can increase and prolong poor air quality levels, which is why the EPA and American Lung Association highly recommend taking the light rail, bus, bike or even walking to work. This will help cut down on emissions that could worsen pollution levels later in the day.
  3. Stay Indoors As Much As Possible – It’s not a bad idea to skip out on doing yard work on unhealthy air quality days. If you absolutely must venture outdoors to do anything, give yourself plenty of breaks to venture into a cool location, drink plenty of water, and catch your breath. You need to avoid getting too winded to avoid putting excess stress on your lungs or facing heat exhaustion.
  4. Conserve On Energy – Turn your thermostat up a few degrees during the day, especially when you’re not home. Not only can this help conserve energy, but it also allows your air conditioner to work easier. Making sure your home is properly insulated will also help your home stay cool and protected from higher air quality levels.

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If you’re looking to take protecting the air in your home a step further, then you should consider installing an air scrubber too. This device is beneficial year round by adding a hefty layer of protection from allergens, mold, viruses and air pollution.

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